• Setting up of Internal Complaints Committee under the Sexual Harassment Act and drafting of sexual harassment policies.
  • Orientations for committee members and employees.
  • Conducted Orientation for Ministry of Human Resource and Development (Regional Chapter).
  • On the panel of Lexposh.com
  • Was on the Sexual harassment committee of various establishments including Dell, Yahoo India, Yahoo SG, CapitaLand etc.
  • Conducted Orientation for CHR Managers on Sexual Harassment in seminars organised by EFSI, Madras Chamber of Commerce, Aparajitha, Cochin Chamber of Commerce, Amazon India, ITC Ltd, Bosch Ltd, CapitaLand, CITU (Bengaluru) etc.
  • Conducts enquiries under the Sexual Harassment Act.
  • Advising various corporates on SH issues.
  • Presently on the Panel for Companies including Wipro.
  • Name : K.Sribhoomi Yesaswini
  • contact: +91 9980288391